Cobb County Sports Leagues in Atlanta, GA Area

We welcome you to the 2011 Decatur Women’s Sports League.

League “Work Scholarships” may be available.  Check with Anne Barr for details.

This year promises to be the best ever.  Thanks to the Coaches, players and sponsors, this organization continues to flourish.

Here’s to Good Sports Womanship

Cobb County Georgia Sports LeaguesThe Founder of this ‘League’ is Anne Barr. March 2007 was the year she would pull it together. As a member of the Church Christ Covenant, Anne became truly dedicated to giving back to the community where she grew up.

What’s new with this league, you ask? Plenty! Softball for sure, however, bowling, basketball and tennis are all in play as well. We have just added volleyball and badminton too! Come on ladies, let’s jock it up..

Anne Barr, better known as “Sarge” is on her way to developing one of the largest women’s sports league in the country. Year 2007 yielded over 600 players.

The chosen charity of this league is ˜The Atlanta Lesbian Initiative”. This non-profit organization provides outreach, education and advocacy for lesbians who are committed to living healthier lives.

Although this sports league is for the most part, gay women, from Fulton, DeKalb, Cobb & Gwinnett County, there are many diverse teams too. After all, it is really just about the game…isn’t it?

image6671Cobb County, Atlanta is a very populous county in the US State of Georgia. It has a population of approximately 688,000 as per the 2010 Population Census. It is part and parcel of the Atlanta-Sandy Springs-and Rosewell, Georgia Metropolitan Statistical Area.

There are lots of fun activities in the county ranging from cinemas, casinos, picnics, among others. Of these activities, none is more satisfying that sports. There are a plethora of sporting activities in the area which include but are certainly not limited to the following:

Softball – It is conducted by a volunteer organization that does use the available facilities for the practices and games. The games are held twice a year: In the Spring (starting March) and in the Fall (starting September). Any interested party has to send a request to the respective organization or by contacting any staff member of the Athletics Unit.

Track and Field Events – These are athletic activities that are mainly played outdoors in special fields. They include long races, short races, short put, javelin, steeplechase among others. In Cobb County, Atlanta, these activities are run by independent volunteer organizations. Any interested party is therefore required to access the relevant website for terms and conditions governing entry and participation.

Archery – The Department of Recreational and Cultural Affairs of Cobb County Park has a wide range of archery fields for use by bow hunters and hoe interested in improving their targeting skills. It is situated in 2302 Pitner Road, Acworth. It caters for all cadres of sportsmen, from beginners to professionals.

Basketball – These sporting activities are offered both in the Summer and Winter Seasons. The Summer games are held in June whereas the Winter games are held in November. There are three major leagues namely: Anderson Leagues, Fullers Leagues and Ward Leagues respectively.

Tennis – it is offered by the Cobb County Parks, Department of Recreational and Cultural Affairs. They are tailored for every cadre of sportsmen and sportswomen, from novices to professionals. There are 122 tennis courts spread throughout the county and are accessible at very nominal fees.

Aquatics – These are water-borne sporting activities. They include swimming, diving, water polo, waboba e.t.c. There are four indoor aquatic centers in Cobb County, Atlanta that are open year round; and two outdoor seasonal pools. These provide the venues for the aquatic sporting activities as well as training in water-related activities such as lifeguards, first aid and water safety.

Gymnastics – These are taught at the Cobb Gymnastics Centre located in Marietta, Georgia. The lesson consists of 2 summer class sessions of 4 weeks each. The first session is held in the month of June whereas the second session is held in the month of July.

The benefits of joining a league are numerous and cannot in any way be overemphasized in whatever shape or form. They include the following:

Staying Fit – Membership in a league entails periodic exercising and practicing. These bring with them a hosts of health benefits such as strengthening of bodily muscles, prevention of heart diseases, strengthening of bones, and aiding in digestion.

Weight Loss – Frequent and rigorous exercising does accelerate metabolism as well as the breakdown of fats. These two combine to keep the weight of the human body in check. Moreover, they help in maintaining the right body shape, enhance flexibility and boot the general immunity of the human body.

Source of Income – Membership in a given league does involve occasional professional competitions which bring along with them some monetary rewards. These extra incomes are useful in these tough economic times since they supplement the meager financial resources in the home environment.

Stress Relief – During exercises and sporting activities, there are lots of fun activities which almost exclusively do end up in laughter. These have the impact of relieving stress which may ultimately lead to depression.

Social Interactions – The membership into leagues and sporting activities in general provide opportunities for people to meet new friends socialize and strengthen old bonds. Participants are thus capable of sharing life experiences, exchange ideas and build long-term relationships which may help them, not only in the field of sports, but also in other aspects of life such as business and job opportunities.

As can be deduced from the foregoing discussions, the membership in a given league and the participation in any given sporting activity within Cobb County, Atlanta area are very beneficial. They are thus strongly recommended for any serious woman.

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